An immersive, one-of-a-kind
escape room experience.

Co-workers, friends and family members will experience 60 minutes of themed adventure – designed to elicit unmatched thrills and excitement! You won’t just “escape the room”, instead teams will be tasked with solving crimes, saving the world, traveling through time, or pulling off the perfect heist!

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Pittsburgh’s most challenging escape room! Mankind’s greatest threat is no longer war or disease. The invention of time travel now threatens our very existence. Your mission is to eliminate every threat to the fabric of time.

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You’ve been selected by Mr. X to pull off a monumental heist.  The risk high, the reward higher.  Prove yourself, and Mona is yours.

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With the world in chaos, mankind on the brink of extinction, and your team of CDC virologists infected by the very pathogen responsible; you are humanity’s last chance for survival, and the clock is ticking.

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