Escape Room Summer Camps at IQ Escape in Pittsburgh and State College

IQ Escape Summer Camp is an innovative way to bring STEAM and education to life for students of all ages!  We develop our escape rooms to provide customers with the opportunity to challenge themselves and have a blast in the process.  Entertaining customers was our primary objective from day one until now.  Through partnerships with school districts’ STEAM programs, it became clear a much a greater opportunity existed.   We have made the decision to leverage our knowledge of small business and technology for educational purposes.

Experience in Education

Check out our partnership with the innovative Avonworth Middle School feature in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in 2017… Read More

Designing a functional escape room requires proficiency in every subject included in middle school and high school curriculums.  This process requires: Creative writing and thinking; Problem solving; Artistic creativity; Geometry; Architecture; Electrical diagrams; Automation and Coding.  In one week you can expect your children to be exposed to all of these and have an absolute blast in the process.  Our experience with middle school students made us realize the educational value of what we do day in and day out.  They will undoubtedly focus on the entertainment inherent to our curriculum, but we can guarantee everything they learn will prove valuable as they progress through school.

Additionally, they will be exposed to all the components that must be pieced together to open a successful start-up company.  We realize this may initially appear to be a daunting task, but our interactions with various middle schools and the STEAM program has made us believers.

Every individual is different and as a result we are engaged by very different things.  We view this as Camp IQ’s greatest strength.  Whether your child loves reading, history, science, math, building, or technology Camp IQ provides the best opportunity for them to dive into what they enjoy most.  Camp IQ will be supervised by the owners of IQ Escape and local teachers from the area.

We were also featured at the PETE&C 2018 (PA Educational Technology Expo and Conference) in which we collaborated with Penn’s Valley Area School District 4th-6th grade gifted student program. In this partnership we assisted teacher, Kristen Albright, and her students in building, designing and creating an escape room that was then played by over 180 teachers who were attending the conference and toured by many more. The students, with our assistance and guidance, completely designed and created this experience. IQ Escape then brought their ideas to life with the automation and props of the game. You can visit the PETE&C website here with more information:


IQ Escape Summer Camp registration fees include all scheduled activities, instruction, supplies, a summer camp t-shirt and most importantly, the opportunity to learn in an environment that is enjoyable and fun for everyone involved.  Let’s automate and learn together. Registration is limited to 30 students per session and for 2018 the enrollment fee is $600.

Summer Camp FAQ

Thank you for interest in Camp IQ. Below are some commonly asked questions about our camp. We hope you find them helpful while planning your week with Camp IQ.  Please email us or call at 412-548-3715 if you have any additional questions about our camp!

What will you focus on?

Our camps will provide the opportunity for students to design their own escape rooms. Within this process they will work with technology, automation, creative writing, math, problem solving and much more!

How many students will be at the camp?

Up to 30 students during each week the camp is available. The students will be broken into smaller groups to design and create a smaller version of an escape room. Students will be grouped together randomly-as this will help in the creative process we will not accept any wishes for certain students to be paired together.

Will lunch be provided?

Students will be responsible to bring in their own lunch.

How to you communicate with parents?

Facebook, Instagram will be updated during camp hours. If you’d like to stay in closer touch you can text our camp counsels and they can send you live updates of your little ones!

When is drop off and Pick up?

Campers should be dropped off between 9a-9:30a. Campers can be picked up at the end of the day between 4:30pm-5pm.

What is the weekly cost to participate?

Camp IQ is $600 a week.

Where is Camp IQ located?

Camp IQ is located at 4780 McKnight Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237. Our IQ Escape Pittsburgh North Hills location!

State College
Camp IQ is located at 278 W. Hamilton Avenue, State College, PA 16801. Our IQ Escape State College location!

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